TA PicI am a CPA who focuses on Family & Individual Taxes, Business Taxes and Accounting Services. I have an MBA in Accounting as well as a Masters in Theology. I also teach online for various universities because I enjoy helping students of all ages to reach their potential.
I am located on the Oregon Coast near Lincoln City but actually have clients in several states because of my ability to work remotely through the advances of technology.

My clients are my best resource and the energizing force of my practice. My goal is to provide tax work that is “custom fit” for my client; consequently, I avoid the “boiler plate” approach that some firms and many of the larger organizations are forced to use. I have found that by listening carefully and asking the right question I have saved thousands of dollars for my clients.

Having worked with people for over 30 years in a pastoral settings greatly assists me in supporting clients in the challenges they face as they file their returns and face the struggles many of us encounter in today’s economic environment. I believe the quality and integrity of my work, my pricing and my concern for the needs of the client are fundamental tenets of my accounting and tax service.  I look forward to providing those same supports for you in your tax/accounting needs.  Thank you.